Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New panting, a new gallery opening soon and a new book just released

This amazing creature visited the outside of my studio a few times in the summer, I enjoyed getting lost in the detail and movement of all those sinuous scale patterns. This image is available as a greeting card.

Carpet Python, watercolour and white gouache on colored board, 40 x 30 cm,© Matteo Grilli

Recently I was invited to feature my artwork in a new art and craft gallery called Coastal Artisans, opening soon in Perigian Beach. A selection of my original framed watercolours with a sea/beach theme will be featuring the collection. For more information on the event see the attached brochure.

Last weekend I had the pleasure to spend a couple of days in the lovely country town of Crows Nest where Lindsay Owen and I  launched the Children's Book "Poss in Boots' at the Arts and Crafts centre.

We've enjoyed meeting so many people and signing the books, Lindsay wrote the story about four years ago and then asked me to work on the illustrations, it took a while but eventually Lindsay was able to independently publish her book.

'A blue wooden house with a large veranda, a local Bush Band and a little possum with loads of determination and rhythm'.

This cute 14-page book will tell you the story of a little possum with a special love for dancing and music among the inhabitants, animal and human, of the Australian bush...

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Book Launch and New Greeting Cards

About three years ago my friend Lindsay Owen wrote a Children's Book about a possum... I had the pleasure to make the illustrations for it and now we are very happy to be able to launch the book in the beautiful and picturesque high country of the Downs,  in the town of Crows Nest. The launch will be on October the 11th and 12th, 10am-4pm at the Crows Nest Community Arts and Crafts Inc, 18 William Street, Crows Nest QLD 4355. The book 'Poss in Boots' and the original illustrations will be available for children of any age.

It will be a nice opportunity to meet up if you find yourself in South-east Queensland...

Also, my publisher Nuovo Group has just produced a new range of greeting cards with my artwork, here you can see some examples and if you follow the links you'll be able to order some if you wish. On my Etsy shop there are also a lot of new and old original and unique artworks sent for free anywhere in the world, just thinking about Christmas...



Mini Square Greeting Cards

Square Greeting Cards

Regular Greeting Cards

Regular Greeting Cards

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Gondwana Morning Rain

Gondwana Morning Rain, watercolour on paper, 35 x 35 cm, © Matteo Grilli

The Gondwana rainforests are some of the oldest rainforests in the world. I was at the Lamington National Park and I was out for an early morning bird walk, I saw many species of birds but at some point my attention was grabbed by the sight of these two Australian Brush-turkeys, still perched, despite the daylight, on their roosting branches under the rain.
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