Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Pale-headed Rosellas

Toohey Forest. To my surprise they were not as shy as usual this time. The couple stood on the same tree for a long while, giving me the chance to observe and study them thoroughly. Among the amazing variety of Australian Rosellas, the Pale-headed is the only one I've observed in Brisbane so far..


  1. Great colors and style... great to visit your website!

  2. Lovely paintings as usual.
    These birds are amazingly colourful...

  3. Matteo, your paintings are amazing!!!!

    I have never seen these birds. They are colorful and beautiful. I wish I would be in this place watching them. I think that he is much bigger and she is smaller and graceful.

    My very best to you!!!!!

  4. Hello there! I was so entranced by your artwork I have featured your blog and art on this week's FATuesday Artist Spotlight.

    What a lovely blog you have here--what a talented artist you are! Thank you for sharing Australia and her beauty with us through your watercolours.

    The link is http://bethlniquetteart.blogspot.com

  5. I like your colours so bright and so delicate at the same time, and your animal are so realistic! Bravo!

  6. Hello Matteo
    I saw your work featured on FATuesday Artist spotlight.. Your watercolors are so vivid.. I love the birds.. Just beautiful.
    Now that I have you on my list I will visit often.

  7. I have arrived from Beth's art blog to visit you. Your art is charming and wonderfully alive. Thank you.

  8. I would like to THANK YOU ALL very very much for your support!

  9. Hi Matteo, you excel yourself with every post. You are lucky to see such beautiful birds. Australia is full of budgies and as you draw them so well… my admiration is bigger.
    Congratulations for your work

  10. They are really pretty, gorgeous paintings of them.

  11. I join in with all the others. The colours are amazing, the detail too, and yet there's a special magic atmosphere around your painted subjects. I think it tells a lot about you. Splendid.

  12. This is one of my favorites. I just like the way the page is laid out and technique too.

  13. great work
    love the australian wildlife
    i live in switzerland but have been in australia and tasmania 8 times
    (OK, my brother also lives there)
    i paint also in watercolors, the wildlife from Switzerland witch is not so colorful..unfortunately

  14. wow sensation web site and great art Matteo....congrats on your launch...good luck.

    Mark and Sarah


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