Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Glimpse of Sea-life

Glimpse of Sea-life, handmade watercolours on Fabriano watercolour paper, 26 x 35 cm, 
© Matteo Grilli.

For this still-life of Australian shells and beach findings I drew inspiration form an old sketchbook dating back to my time in the Galway Bay, Ireland, see the top right-hand-side corner of the photo above.

It is amazing to find such a variety of creatures in just a handful of items. Using a nature guide book I could identify the remains of the following creatures:

Spengler's Triton
Hercules Club
Mactras (Truncate; Reddish and Dissimilar)
Reef Crab's chelae
Bell Acorn Barnacle
Brain Coral

This artwork is available as a greeting card. For this artwork I have used a selection of four of my own handmade watercolour paints. Talking about handmade paints, I just published a page on my blog which explains with photos the fascinating process of watercolour making, take a look HERE, I hope you will like it.

Thank you for reading.

All the best,



  1. Bonjour cher ami,

    Je suis sous le charme de ce dernier travail... Le dessin et la mise en couleur est extraordinaire.

    Gros bisous 🌺

  2. Seu trabalho é maravilhoso!!!
    Um beijo

  3. Thank you very much Martine and Teca, you are very kind and your message is much appreciated! Matteo

  4. Brings one back to summer days at the beach!


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