Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Sleeping Birds Series goes on...

I am a half way to finish this collection (10 artworks so far) ... this time I'm posting the Silver Gull and the Emu. I tried to use as less colour as possible for the Silver Gull, which is easy for gulls since they're very light coloured, while I needed to use a bit more for the sleeping Emu, I had this very close and sweet contact at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane. I can see in the Emu the influence that Louis Agassiz Fuertes has had on me...


  1. matteo i tuoi studi sugli uccelli sono molto interessanti, bravo!

    saluti da Roma

  2. Grazie Angela! Detto da te mi fa davvero molto piacere!

  3. I absolutely love this sleeping emu, it looks so "real", there is so much detail in the feathers. Excellent!

  4. No dejo ni un momento de sorprenderme y de alegrarme por haber encontrado tu blog, la verdad que dan ganas de pintar viendo tus trabajos, enhorabuena y saludos. Jose

  5. Thank you DeeBee! Gracias José, estoy muy contento de que te gusta mi trabajo, nos vemos pronto!


  6. fantastico Matteo !!! GRACIAS POR SEGUIR MI BLOG
    Un saludo


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