Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Australian King Parrots

Toohey Forest can reveal very nice surprises sometimes, as it did this one, with a whole flock of males, females and youngsters Australian King Parrots. Never seen them there before. These are very elegant and gentle looking (and sounding) birds. I am still amazed to see how wildlife lives at such a close contact with people in Australian suburbia. Australian King Parrot -Alisterus scapularis. That's all for now, you are all very welcome to follow this blog by Email (on the left) for automatic updates, thank you! Matteo

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Eastern Great Egret

With this new painting I tried to capture the brightness of this Eastern Great Egret - Ardea modesta. The bird was preening and literally spreading light from the bright white feathers. From the sketchbook: 'This is the most beautiful heron I've ever seen. Extremely long neck. Amazing light as fine plumes on the back, more graceful than any swan or crane'. Another one from the Boondall Wetlands.

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