Monday, 15 August 2016

Summer holiday sketch: view of Monte Conero from Porto Recanati

During my recent holiday in Italy I enjoyed sketching on the beach of my hometown Porto Recanati, this is a view of Mt Conero as seen from the northern beach of the town.

The page previous to the sketch contains some colour tests and a bird list from a day spent bird watching in the countryside.


  1. I love the delicacy of your paintings Matteo.

  2. Hi Matteo,
    I'm Italian and I live near Monte Conero, probably we were in the same place during this sunny summar.
    I found your drawing sweet and powerfull!

    1. Thank you for your message, that was very nice. Di dove sei?

  3. Io continuo ad abitare in Italia ma a centinaia di km dalle Marche dove torno, come te, solo in estate. Felice di avere visto i tuoi lavori: buona fortuna!


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