Friday, 15 November 2013

Australian Wildlife Art Christmas Ideas...

Southern Angle-headed Dragon

What about supporting independent art for Christmas this year ? My shop is currently being daily updated with new items:

1. a full range of 24 A5 (5x8'') and A4 (7x12'') prints;
2. a range of 12 A3 (11x16'') prints;
3. worldwide free shipping is available for all original artworks;
4. greeting cards;
5. original and printed bookmarks;
6. Second hand artist's watercolour paints.

    Please remember that when you buy my products you're not only supporting independent art but also the charity associations I support: Australian Birdlife and ANTaR.




  1. Love the dragon, hope you get lots of takers for Christmas gifts

  2. your work is amazing and so accurate. How nice it is to see Australian Wildlife in art.

  3. Thank you very much Lorraine and Judith :)

  4. Its very nice idea about christmas and really impressive for those people who need personalised gifts for kids. I like it very much and would like to appreciating.


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