Saturday, 15 February 2020

Photos from the Birds in Watercolour Workshop

We had such a great experience exploring all the secrets of watercolour painting last weekend. Huge thanks to the Queensland Wildlife Artists Society for organising the workshop and to all the fifteen artists who were very dedicated and keen to paint birds. Most photos here are from the attendees.

Personally, I had heaps of fun, it was a great pleasure and honour to share my skills with others. 
I hope we'll do it again soon!

For now, I offer private, one to one tuition on weekends on drawing and watercolour painting on any natural subject, birds in particular in Brisbane.
Send me an email if you are interested at

My few and very trusted tools and my own work in progress for one of our subjects, the Crested Pigeon, which allowed us to explore the practice of choosing and mixing colours, building up layers of washes, blending, iridescence and fine detail.

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