Friday, 1 July 2011

The Sleeping Hardhead

First of all I would like to thank all the new followers (so many!), those of you who leave comments, it is very nice and inspiring to read your kind words and follow your blogs, and thanks to every visitor as well. This bird is now popular in this blog, you can easily see the sketch that originated the painting in one of May's posts. What intrigues me about this male Hardhead is that he's got a broken wing and he is also the only specimen living at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.. I wonder how he got there.. Hardhead - Aythya Australis 
Until next time     Matteo


  1. Another life-like creation, just lovely Matteo.

  2. So peaceful. I also like how the lily pad edges its way out of the frame.

  3. Your work is very nice, like the drawings

  4. beautiful colours in this one

  5. Bellissimo Matteo, complimenti per come hai saputo creare l'atmosfera giusta!


  6. hello, how utterly beautiful your paintings are! i was so glad to find that you are following my blog robin and the sage. i wonder do you know artists Janet Marsh and Eileen Postlethwaite? They are one of my favorite "nature" artists.

  7. Thank you everybody! To Delia, I know Eileen Postlethwaite, amazing work, but I didn't know Janet Marsh..thanks for that!

  8. Beautiful illustration of Aythya australis, Matteo. In Spain, Aythya nyroca,similar to that in your picture, are also very scarce.
    A hug

  9. Ciao Matteo.......

    I am delighted and really deeply impressed...your Art work is unique; Magic indeed; Nature in watercolors.....SUBLIME!!!!

    It's an immense joy to look at your portfolio.....all my very biggest compliments!!

    Thanks so much for stepping in my Tuscany; I really appreciated it very much!!

    a presto!!
    ciao ciao elvira

  10. Ciao Elvira! Grazie del commento, seguiro' fedelmente il tuo blog, le foto sono bellissime..
    A presto

  11. This is a lovely watercolor. I have never heard of that bird but do remember having a couple sleeping hardheads during my children's teenage years.
    I am happy to have found your work.

  12. interessantissimo il tuo blog!
    una fresca e piacevole lettura e visione per cominciare la giornata.
    bello bello

    saluti dall'Italia :)

  13. Your work is exquisite. Only just discovered you but I'll keep looking.


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