Monday, 28 November 2011

Brisbane Veranda

Queensland houses or 'Queenslander' have some architectural features which are just perfect for birdwatching: timber stumps that lift the building to provide ventilation during the hot summer months (let alone relative safety from floods) also provide for a high point of view to observe the surroundings from the front verandas and if trees are close enough you may have the impression of living right up in the tree canopy. Birds feel more comfortable to come and perch or feed on the wide verandas, giving excellent observation opportunities. These are some Sulphur-crested Cockatoo that usually come to our place.


  1. Wonderfully peaceful--I like the understated color

  2. This painting makes me homesick and envious. Such beautiful watercolours always delight. Thank you too for the close shots of the detail. It's my only disappointment when I open your posts that I can't click in to a bigger picture of your inspiring work.

  3. Just found your terrific blog. I love the cheeky, inquisitive nature of these gorgeous birds. You have captured them so well and with such a subtle technique. How wonderful to have them come so close by.

  4. Thank you very much everybody,
    to Robyn, thank you for your nice comment, I'm sorry about the small size of the pictures, but I only upload small size images to prevent copying (apparently the watermark is not enough) and to keep the blog 'light' and easy to access..

  5. I am speechless! Your talent is just amazing.



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